Engine Oils HyFilm® DD 1 SA HyFilm® NG Engine Oil HyFilm® Hy Rev 2-Cycle Oil HyFilm® Supreme 14 TBN HyFilm® LEO Low Emission Oil Team Racing Motor Oil, SAE 15W-50   Gear, Hydraulic, Transmission & Final Drive Lubricants 711-713 Multi-Lube Heavy Duty Gear Lube, GL-5 Hydro-Syn EP, SAE 80W-140, 75W-90 Deluxe Dexron® III Hydro-Syn EP Limited Slip Full Lube 50 Hytrax™ Hy-Torque® Moly Plus®, SAE 80W-140 Hy-Torque® Gold Multi-Film®, SAE 80W-140 Hy-Torque® Z Universal Gear & Hydraulic Fluid   Industrial Lubricants 204 Hydro-Cut® Water Soluble Gearox® Sythetic Gear Lubricant 205 Metal Working Fluid Glass Mold Release Agent 206 Refrigeration Compressor Oil HyDiamond™ Braiding Oil 207 & 208 Rock Drill Oil HyDiamond™ Fluid 6Kp 209 Airtool Oil HyDiamond™ Fluid 15Kp 850 Synthetic Hi-Temp Lube HyDiamond™ Fluid 4Kz 930 Series Industrial Gear Lube, ISO 100-680 HyDiamond™ Fluid 6Kz 940 Series Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Lube, ISO 1000-4600 HydroMax Ashless Vacuum Pump Lubricant 950 SYN-Nth Energy Saving Gear Oil,ISO 220-460 Industrial Way Oil 964 High VI Synchronized Transmission & Industrial Gear Lubricant, SAE 75W-90,80W-90, 80W-140 Majestic HyDiamond™ Ultra Turbine BioDiamond™ Fluid 20Kp Super White Textile Oil BTU Heat Transfer Oil Syn-Air™ Energy Saving Hydrosynthetic®Blower Oil, ISO 150-220 SYN-N™ Hydraulic Fluid, ISO 22-100 Gear/Hydraulic System Flush Synthetic Tenter Frame Oil Gearox® PAG Synthetic Gear Lubricant Systems I® Non EP Industrial Lubricant   Industrial & Automotive Grease 400 Industrial Semi-Fluid Majestic Polygard™ Polyurea Grease 507R White Bentone Grease MolyTemp 500 603 Deluxe Perma-Temp w/ PTFE MTP Ultra 670 Deluxe Copper Gear Cote™ PIN-TAC™ Pin & Bushing Grease 9000 Corrosion Control Grease Pivot System Grease ACCULUBE® SG-111 Ultra Shield AG-TAC™ Agriculture Grease Super Shield™ Hydro-Syn™ 70 Syn-Load™ 460 Hyplex™ LC-65 SZ-100 Sub Zero Synthetic Grease   Fuel & Oil Improvers Bio-Pour PT™ LubraKleen® Essentialube® Lubricity Plus® Gel-Melt Power-Flo® HydroSorb® II Power-Kleen™ Injector-Kleen™ Power-Kleen™ Arctic Injector-Kleen™ 3000 Power-Kleen™ Supreme   Food Grade Lubricants 120 Food Grade Super Penetrating Oil Majestic Food Grade Drip Oil 540 Food Machinery Grease Majestic HyDiamond™ Anti-Corrosion Process Oi 550 White Food Machinery Grease Majestic HyDiamond™ Process Oil 551 Kleer Food Machinery Grease Majestic HyDiamond™ Trolley Lube 553 Kleer Food Machinery Grease Majestic Hydro-Kleer™ (3H) 555 White Food Machinery Grease w/TK-5 SG 111 Ultra Shield Silicone Grease and Sealing Compound 556 Kleer Food Machinery Grease w/ TK-5 Slitter Knife Oil 682 Synthetic General Purpose Lube Syn-HyTemp™ Grease 856 Food Grade Chain Lube Ultra-Kleen™ Gear Oil Deluxe 507R White Bentone Grease Ultra-Kleen™ Hydraulic and Compressor Fluid HyDiamond™ Pure-Air Compressor Oil Ultra-Kleen™ Light Hydro-Kling™ Liquid Penetrating Grease Ultra-Kleen™ Sub Zero HyZycone™ Silicone Spray     Made with Xara © MTR Ventrues All Rights Reserved 2011                                  Hydrotex® Independent Contractor/Agent Website Georgia LUBE Partners home     solutions    sustainability     industries    information      about us      contact       sitemap Hydrotex® collaborates with customers on Lubrication Management, a reliability- centered process that focuses on solutions to enhance the customers’ overall operating model by improving output capabilities, reducing operating costs and increasing ROI and profitability. Learn more here Hydrotex Product Line Card Satisfaction Guaranteed Product List       Providing Superior Lubrication Solutions with Hydrotex Products